Stay Safe

With nearly all Californians owning a mobile phone, wireless service often plays a key role in keeping people connected during emergencies. Below are some helpful tips designed to help you during an emergency.

Steps to Take During an Emergency:

  • Heed all alerts from public agencies.
  • For 911, call if you can or text if you can’t. When possible, have detailed location information ready.
  • Use voice calls only when absolutely necessary.
  • When you can, use text messaging, email, or social media to let your loved ones know your status.
  • Keep messages brief.
  • Conserve your mobile phone’s battery life.
    • Turn on your phone’s power saving mode.
    • Close unused apps and turn off push notifications (which are those pop up messages you sometimes get from the apps on your device). Contact your carrier if you have questions.
    • Do not stream movies or videos unless necessary.
  • Check your carrier’s local store or a local shelter to see if they are open as a mobile phone charging station.